As with any plants, you may want to trim or prune them periodically to maintain their beauty. It is natural as an air plant grows or acclimates to a new or changing environment for it to lose some leaves as new ones are produced. As with any living plant, some dead leaves are normal and don’t necessarily mean that your plant has a problem.

tillandsia ionantha

You may notice that your air plant also has a slight browning on its leaf tips, like this Tillandsia ionantha on the picture. This could be an indication of too much light or too little water. You can carefully trim away these browning tips without harming the plants. It is not uncommon for air plants, like all living plants, to have a broken or damaged leaf here and there. These plants are still perfectly healthy.

A good rule of thumb: don’t trim the air plant leaf straight across, but instead tilt the scissors and trim at an angle for a more natural look.

how to separate dry parts of an air plant

You might see some leaves towards the base of your air plant that have wilted or dried up, and these leaves can be removed by pulling gently on them.

how to cut off air plant roots / how to cut off Tillandsia roots

You can also remove the roots of an air plant because the plant doesn't need them for living and it might look more aesthetic without them.


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