So, one of the funny things about these plants, that Tillandsia are able to produce offsprings by division. So here is a little guide about how to separate offsprings from a mother plant. The baby plants usually develop on the side of the plant, on certain species, for example on argentea, they tend to appear closer to the center. In early stages they look like the micro-version of the original plant. After the separation the pup will be fine on its own. In some cases, it is normal that the mother plant dries off after producing the pups - don’t worry, the new plant will be as big and healthy as the predecessor was.

The offsprings can be separated from the mother plant if they reach at least ⅓ of its size.

The best way is to use a sharp and sterile knife, or gently by hand if you don’t feel resistance.

After the detachment, leave cut surfaces to dry. Don't water the plant until the next day.

baby air plant.jpg
Tillandsia pup
tillandsia ionantha with baby pups
Tillandsia bergeri with pups
Tillandsia ionantha with offspring
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