Once a month it is recommended to fully soak your plant besides the regular spraying, because it ensures full hydration. After soaking Tillandsia really look better, helps them in growth and promotes the color shift associated with blooming. If you see the leaves of your air plant begin to curl together, it means your Tillandsia getting thirsty. A good alternative to regular misting is to soak your plant with paying attention of the following tips:

Always do the soaking in the daytime or next to a strong lightsource to ensure that the plant have enough time to dry after soaking - it takes usually as much time as the soaking.

Use room temperature water - rainwater is the best. If you can't get rainwater, use tap water which was left out for a few minutes - it ensures chloride evaporation.

Make sure your plant has time to dry in the fresh air and bright place to avoid rot.

Use a clean cup or bowl for soaking - best if always the same which is meant only for soaking your Tillandsia.

Put your air plant upside down in the water for 1-2 hours. Make sure that for the soaking time every part of the plant is under the water. After that, take out the plant from the water and gently shake off the excess water. Let it dry on fresh air.

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