Set of 3 handmade air plant terrariums

We love how the transparent glass highlights the harmony of green and white colours! Following our design, these orbs were blown locally by Lasi-Kostamo manufacture. Inside is a Tillandsia ionantha air plant from our micro greenhouse and white stones picked from the Finnish nature. The ice-white stones act as a subtle reminder of the Nordic winter, while the lively green represents warm and exotic memories of the summer.


The air plant: Tillandsia ionantha

The glass orbs:  Designed and blown in Turku, Finland. All of them are hangable.

small sphere: 10 cm,

medium sphere: 14 cm,

waterdop: 19-20 cm.

The natural decoration: white stones from the shores of the Baltic Sea

Accessories: how-to guide, plant care instructions, strings for hanging, misting spray, air plant nutrient


Gift packaging included!


Plant care level: 2/2
1: very easy-care eg. misting only once in every 1,5 week
2: easy-care eg. misting 1-2 times a week


You will find detailed care instructions and an overview about this plant species in the package.

  • Most of the components are packed individually - this will keep the plant, the glass and the natural decoration in tact during shipping.

    The glass orbs are made for TillaPallo by Lasi-Kostamo glass manufacture, Finland. This orb is hangable but also can be put on tables, shelves – wherever you want, as long as it is a bright, airy place.

    Please keep in mind that we don’t have two exactly same products. The fact that the glass is handmade, and all plants and hand-picked decorations are natural elements, ensures not only to have slight variations in size, shape or colour, but also to create really unique and individual products.

  • - 3x handblown glass orbs

    - 3x Tillandsia ionantha air plants

    - 3x pack of hand-picked decoration materials from the Finnish nature

    - accessories: how-to guide; plant card with an overview about the plant species and with detailed care instructions; extra caring tips; strings for hanging,  misting spray, air plant nutrient

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Thank you all for helping with your donations for homeless animals! We joined the auction by ARGOS for helping homeless animals in Greece. The bid was organized between 4-10th of March '19. The winner got a TillaPallo handmade air plant terrarium with accessories. The full amount is now donated to help the situation with street cats and dogs!

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