Handmade air plant terrarium with 2 air plants

The air plants: 1x Tillandsia bergeri, 1x Tillandsia caput medusae

The glass orb: 20-21 cm, sphere-shaped, handcrafted in Finland

The natural decoration: green moss, tree branch with lichen, pinecone and a big piece of tree bark from the Finnish forests, red stones from the shores of the Baltic Sea

Accessories: how-to guide, plant care instructions, string for hanging


It is possible to order the product together with a misting spray bottle and air plant nutrient. The misting spray holds 100 ml and it's easy to use for misting the plant with water. The nutrient gives your plant a good support in growth and it strengthens the plant.


Plant care level: 1/2
1: very easy-care eg. misting only once in every 1,5 week
2: easy-care eg. misting 1-2 times a week

  • We take care of our packaging: we try to use recycled materials as much as we can to avoid wasting. Furthermore, it is wrapped well - we are aiming for 100% protection during the shipping process, so the products can land anywhere on the globe without damage.

    Almost components are packed individually - this will keep the plant, the glass and the natural decoration in tact during shipping and you can arrange your air plant terrarium as you like!

    The glass orbs are made for TillaPallo by Lasi-Kostamo glass manufacture, Finland. Hang this air plant terrarium wherever you would like, as long as it is a bright, airy place.

    Please keep in mind that we don’t have two exactly same products. The fact that the glass is handmade, and all plants and hand-picked decorations are natural elements, ensures not only to have slight variations in size, shape or colour, but also to create really unique and individual products.

  • - a handblown glass orb, sphere shaped

    - 2 air plants: 1x Tillandsia bergeri and 1x T. caput medusae

    - a pack of hand-picked decoration materials from the Finnish and Scandinavian nature

    - accessories: how-to guide; plant card with an overview about the plant species and with detailed care instructions; extra caring tips; string for hanging

    - handmade packaging

59,00 €Price


Thank you all for helping with your donations for homeless animals! We joined the auction by ARGOS for helping homeless animals in Greece. The bid was organized between 4-10th of March '19. The winner got a TillaPallo handmade air plant terrarium with accessories. The full amount is now donated to help the situation with street cats and dogs!

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