Air plant - Tillandsia bergeri

Our thoughts about this species

This rare air plant is easy for beginners and it is larger in size than the common air plants. A beautiful green colour and spiky leaves make it fuzzy and beautiful at the same time. The flower is similar to the caput medusae's. Needs water 2-3 times a month, depending on the humidity of the space where you would like to place it. Grows a bit faster than other species. 

If you need this air plant in a bigger quantity (min. 10 pcs), we are happy to give you a quotation by request!


Please note that the colour and size can slightly vary from the pictures.  We always try to send you a blooming plant but the plants are not always with a bloom exactly when ordered.


Optional accessories:

It is possible to order the product together with misting spray bottle and air plant nutrient! The misting spray holds 100 ml and it's easy to use for misting the plant with water. The nutrient gives your plant a good support in growth and it strengthens the plant.


Plant care level: 1/2
1: very easy-care eg. misting only once in every 1,5 week
2: easy-care eg. misting 1-2 times a week

  • - 1x Tillandsia bergeri, carefully selected - average size 13-15 cm

    - plant card with an overview about the plant species

    - care instructions and extra tips for air plants

12,00 €Price


Thank you all for helping with your donations for homeless animals! We joined the auction by ARGOS for helping homeless animals in Greece. The bid was organized between 4-10th of March '19. The winner got a TillaPallo handmade air plant terrarium with accessories. The full amount is now donated to help the situation with street cats and dogs!

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