Air plant fertilizer

The TillaPallo air plant fertilizer gives your air plant a good support in growth and it strengthens the plant. It contains very similar ingredients like an Orchidea fertilizer as air plants and Orchidea are relatives. It is recommended to use the fertilizer during the year and to reduce the amount in wintertime.

Dosage instructions are provided on the packaging. 

Size: 10 ml

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Tips for misting water: rainwater is the best or tap water which sat for 5 minutes.

No shipping costs if the misting spray or the misting spray with the nutrient vial is ordered together with an other product.

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    Thank you all for helping with your donations for homeless animals! We joined the auction by ARGOS for helping homeless animals in Greece. The bid was organized between 4-10th of March '19. The winner got a TillaPallo handmade air plant terrarium with accessories. The full amount is now donated to help the situation with street cats and dogs!

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