When the days are shorter, nights are longer and it's getting cold outside, it's time to change your watering routine, until the weather is warm and sunny again. Follow these tips from us to make sure your air plant survives winter time for many years! Also, keep in mind that the air at your home can be more dry in cold months. When you reduce the amount of watering, you might notice that the leaves of your air plant are getting curlier. It means, that your plant needs a little bit more hydration: let it soak for 1-2 hours longer. Remember the balance - give it also a bit more light afterwards, so that the plant can fully dry. 

Reduce the frequency of watering. Receiving less light means your plant needs also less water. For example, if you soak your air plant once a week, do it only once in every 2 weeks during wintertime. If you soak your plant twice a month, do it only 1 times/month. 

You might need to change the place of your air plant or air plant terrarium. Put it to the brightest spot of your home, where it can receive the most of the light.

The drying period of the plant is crucial after watering at winter time - it has to happen during the day when the plant can get enough light to dry. Place your plant to a bright place upside down, until it it is drying - this way it will be fully dry in about 2-3 hours. 

Additionally, use growing light if you think your home is very dark during winter.

air plant care during winter

We wish you a very nice winter time with your air plants! Now it's a good time to be more at home among our plants, isn't it?

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