Going on a holiday or just came back home? Here are some tips about how to take care of your Tillandsia air plants before and after a vacation! The steps are very easy to follow, especially if you are used to soak your air plants! The key with soaking - instead of misting - is that this way your plant can absorb much more water and it can stay hydrated for longer. 

Do the soaking in the daytime so the plants will have enough time for drying in a bright place.


STEP 1-2

Collect all your plants in one place. Take a big enough bowl and fill up with rainwater or tap water.


Tips: Use lukewarm tap water which was left out for a few minutes to ensure chloride evaporation.

Add a little air plant nutrient to your water: 1 drop to every 100 ml.



Put your plant or plants in the water for 2 hours. Try to place them upside down in the water - this way they can absorb more nutrients.

Tip: If you have smaller and bigger plants as well, you can place the bigger plants on the top to let them 'press down' the smaller plants.


Take out the plants and put them on a towel or napkin upside down or in a lying position. 

It is important to let them completely dry to avoid trapped water between the leaves.

The drying period is usually 2-3 hours.

Tips: Let them dry in a bright place! Use our 100 % linen air plant towel which is designed and made in Finland in a collaboration with Teija Helin Design.


Put the plant to a place with partial shade and without any direct sunlight. This way your plant is not going to be thirsty too soon, thanks to the reduced amount of light. 


You are all set, now the vacation can start!


Please note, that this guide is appropriate for a period of 1-2 weeks of being away - if you will be gone for a month, you may have to ask a friend to care for your air plants. Remember, that air plants are super easy to transport from a to b! 



Tips: If you see the leaves of your air plant begin to curl together, it means your Tillandsia is getting thirsty.


You can always repeat this soaking method if you would like to give a good bath for your air plant!

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